Sunday, June 6, 2010

Did I mention I ended up with a kitten for Mother's Day? Not the fat calico ZEN cat. A little gray tabby, we haven't got a name for yet.

Nicholas describes the integration of two cats. Or rather the non integration of two cats. Zen is defending her upstairs territory and Kitty mostly stays downstairs except when she gets bored and wants a little action:

"Now when kitty and Zen meet upstairs here is what I would compare it to. First Jungle analogy: kitty is a tiger cub getting attacked by a charging fat elephant. Next car analogy: little sports car vs huge 16 wheeled oil tanker truck... Yah the first time they met kitty had the poop scared out of her (kinda goes with the analogie)
Yes the poop did come out on the stairs, two little pieces. At that moment Zen was the most active I have ever seen her going very very fast for her size. The kitty barely made it out of the way, in fact she fell between the stair posts and hung on by her claws to the carpet. This has happened a couple of times, the poop thing only once, but Zen hisses and spits like crazy to protect her territory. One time I tried to rescue the kitty but it fell from a bit above the second landing onto the blessing chair, it was kind of scary.

Our cat is crazy, it will attack anything that moves, including you (or me in this case). Sometimes she uses her teeth and claws and Roger isn't too happy with her at present.

The cat likes to chew on the dishwasher rack, so now I have to remember to keep the dishwasher closed. The other day Nicholas opened the clean dishwasher and said "Something stinks! I hope the cat didn't get washed!" She didn't, but as much as she loves jumping into the dishwasher we wondered. I think it was a flower vase that smelled.

In short, the kids never knew what a real cat could be like til now.

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