Sunday, May 30, 2010

5-24-10/ Not for weak stomachs.......

This week was very busy Elder Schaefer and I taught 44 lessons in total we are crazy busy teaching people. We have 2 investigators on taufe datum (baptismal date) and 15 investigators in total. Hildeshiem is on fire right now and we just started a 40 day fast with the gemeinde (ward) here for missionary work. Pleas pray for the German people and the people of Hildesheim as well as the missionary work. We need all the help from heaven that we can get. Elder Schaefer and I can work hard and we are ready to. My German is coming along slowly. Reading from the scriptures in the the german language helps a ton as well as reading preach my gospel. I will get it eventualy I am slow right now but I have faith that I will do better with time. Germany is very cool.

This week was good busy with teaching the investigators that we have and crazy. Children love us Elders to death. They love to attack us at random times when we are at their houses with tackles or what not. ITs fun.

Ok crazy story time the craziest thing happened this week. We were out on the street doing some street contact when a man stops us and says hey are your from a church and we were like ya and then proceeds to talk about everything that he can think of like james dean and other fun stuff. BUt! he clearly loved james dean because he had a book about him and he showed us. He first had to dig through his bags of newspaper and magazine clipings to find it. We then got his information and after about 20 mins of talking about random things we finaly said our goodbyes and we had an appointment with him the next day.

The time for his appointment rolls around and we hop on our bikes and make our way to his apartment (almost everyone in Germany lives in these apartment things. when my camera card is fixed I will send pictures.) We proceed as normal klingle(ring) his room wait for the apartment door to open and then climb the stairs to his room.

We get lost for a few minutes and then finaly we find the right place. Just as he opened the door to come look for us... with no pants on. (just underwear... speedo type which is normal for germany... I know this because its happened more than once. and that what my companion says is normal for Germany. for some reason they chill in their house with no pants on anyway) that was unusual enough for me because when someone answers the door usually they have pants on but it gets better. We proceed into the apartment and it is a weird way. There were newspaper and magazine clipings everywhere and there was a strange oder... Aparantly he has a problem with his bowels so as to not be able to control it and he hadnt taken a shower in ages. His legs were crusted with feacle matter that had been there awhile and at this point. My companion and I were afraid to sit down on anything. So we stood as long as possible while he talked to us about James Dean and actualy put a cd on of one of the movies he was in. and then he made us cold tea... anyways we taught him the first lesson invited him to pray about the book of Mormon and told him that we would be back to bring him a Book of Mormon because we didnt have an extra one at the time.

Needless to say he is a child of God and can use salvation as much as the next person so we are going back with a book of Mormon. I dont write this to make fun of him or his situation just simply to talk about the odd and interesting situation it put me in. It is hard to put in words exactly how it feels to be in this situation but i have tried my best. SO that being said other than that it was a normal week. Teaching teaching teaching.

I hope all is well at home.

Oh and we can recieve packages and such. I might send some stuff home if I have time and I feel that I dont need it. I am looking into buying a German light coat and a small backpack that I can take around with me. Aparently the Mr. Mack stuff is good but the German stuff is better. WE have a phrase around here called Mack attacked. Alot of missionaries go there and sometimes their stuff falls apart. My stuff is good so no worries. I love you all be good try and do somthing spiritual together as a family every day even if its for a few minutes. Build tha family trust and unity. Play games and have fun together. Be strong. and helpful. Brother write from your email accounts dont worry i can reply. I can actualy respond to anyones emails. I dont mind just having the family tho.

Please help me with the EYE-FI I need the sofware for the card because apparantly it is gone or something. I will try my best to fix it here. Just Your know more about it than I do.

Elder LIngard.

To Garrett and NIcholas.

Hey thanks for your letters last time the were cool Im glad you both are doing well I hope you find some fun things to do over the summer that are more productive than video games. but still have fun with the games haha. Find things to do outside and read and just relax and have fun as well as work. balance is good. Anyways. Am I right in thinking that there is a new Night train book out? For somereason it has been on my mind the entire week and I dont know why excpet riding the trains here reminds me of that book series. Have you discovered Halo: Reach yet? It looks amazing I know I tried asking you guys over the phone and didnt really get an answer.

Let me know what your up to and you can write on your seperate email accounts I can send emails to each of you individualy. I hate spelling haha.

A mission is crayz fun and challenging. I challange you to do something spiritual fo an hour each day. Get the whole family in on it even if its just a 15 min family thought of the day or something. Get into the Book of Mormon read it Pray together play a family game. LOve one another and develope a love for the gosple. Unite as a family more. trust eachother. Have fun together. Not only in videogames but in spiritual stuff as well. Help Mom and Dad organize something like that. Because I know it important to have fun as well as play. Anyways your amazing Elder Lingard

Michael and Roger.

How are you doing? looks like school is fun and summer is starting. Do your best in swim lessons I think its so cool that you get to take them I didnt like them as much as I should have but I am so glad that I went to them THey help a ton and plus swimming makes you really strong and have big muscles so keep at it :D. Michael stick with the piano I loved your hall of the Mountain king song it was wonderful and if you keep practacing you could be really great someday. Roger be nice to your brothers love them and have fun. Dont play to much Gameboy and tell dont forget to pray for me I will pray for you buddy. 2 years will fly by before we know it.

Feel free to bug mom to let you talk to me I always love to hear from you. make wise choices and all that.

Elder LIngard.

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