Friday, April 2, 2010

Letter from Grant 4-1 and one from LaDawn 4-2

Day 17 by Grant
Fast sunday . I dont mind fast Sundays at all. Ya I get hungry for a little while but I dont mind it. The days are jsut flying buy. Soon I will be in Germany. Its so crazy to think about. I am learning so much about how to preach the gospel. I have been told before that its the spirit that converts people not us and I am now able to see that. No amount of information will convert people to the church its all about the spirit. If I can not teach so the spirit is invited tehen I should'nt teach at all.

D&C 42 And the spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith and if ye recieve not the spirit ye shall not teach.

So I am working my hardest to find the best way to teach by and with the spirit. It is better to teach simply and plainly. Barny style it. HaHa

I forgot to write last time but I had a dream where I saw Jesus's hand and the scar on his hand. It was very real. I saw the scar from the nail in the palm of his hand. Amazing!!

Day 19 3-29

I really dont have to many fun events to write about but I was thinking during my personal study time int the Morning (actualy I was reading Jesus the Christ and then thinking) and I recieved an interesting Idea from my study and reading. Its's about the persuasive power of fSatan. Satan as we all know fought with God in the premortal life. It is evident in several scriptures Rev 12:7-9 as well as Rev12:4 and a few others. In those scriptures we find that Satan had the persuasive power to turn a third of the hosts of heaven while they were in the precense of God. They were in teh precence of God and they still chose to side with Satan.!! His persuasive powe is immence. He knows all the tricks and whily ways. It is not surprising that he can find such a foot hold in the hearts of men. He will not win because the Light of Christ that we all have. We succeded in keeping our first estate. as seen in Jude 1:6. We can now progress and move forward while Satan and the third host of heaven that was lost can not. I am working on studying it more, but it was interesting to realize the amount of convincing power that he had. Satan has no actual Priesthood power but he does have intelligence.

On to answer questions. A 3 by 5 German Flag would be nice we want to hang it in the window so people can see the German Flag :)

Please post my letters on facebook I dont see why it would be bad.

ITs better for now if people send Dear elders because I have no time to read emails but I would gladly write anyone who is interested in writing me. Here its hard to email anyone but my family.

Tell Michael Im proud of him for winning the most creative it has been a lingard vaforite to win since Garretts hotdog car.

Thanks Aunt Racheal for the package I loved the cookies.

Day 20

So can I get a tape recorder to send home voice clips? Like Jaron does or if you dont want to then thats fine. If you do please send a small!!! tape recorder in the mail so I can send my beautious voice home.

I can get friends email addresses later I would like home addresses to write. Just send a message out on facebook askin for mailing addreses. Not a status update but an actual message.

Wash is on thursdays about 3:00 here.

A cool quote that I heard at a devotional I am a missionary now and I am happy :D

Day 21

Well the new Elders get here today. Ther are only 2 new German Elders. when I got here there were 20 new German Missionaries alltogether.

In answer to what kind of ties. All ties work as long as they are cheap and people will trade for them :D

You can send the Zune put soft spirit inviting music it doesnt have to be only church stuff. Just nice stuff like Jazz or Soundtracks (Legend of Zelda and Mario anyone haha)

I appreciate the gospel so much now. Dont forget I dont die without mail but its very nice to get. My hair is a little longer now then the pictures I sent home.

Thanks Bro Palmer for your letter I frogot to say thank you last email.

Day 22

So Im sitting here doing Laundry writing home and I dont have much else to write :/. LIfe is developing a pattern and so now tiem is starting to fly by. THe food here is good I am eating a ton more than I did at home. I gained like 20 pounds I weigh 175 now its crazy haha Im a fat kid.

Amos 8:11-12

Behold the days come saith the Lord God that I will send a famine in the land not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water but of hearing the words of the Lord: and they shall wander from sea to sea and from north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord and shall not find it.

I can testify that the famine told of in Amos is over. That the words of Jesus Christ are now on the Earth in their fullness. THe bible needs the book of mormon and the book of mormon needs the bible. I found out that the German bible has more books than the English version. I found that interseting that the Germans have more books in the bible then we do. Anyways truth is restored on earth through the Prophet Jospeph Smith he saw God and Jesus Christ he translated teh plates I know this. I know the prophets and Apostles we have today are truely called of God to be a special witnesses of Jesus Christ. I testify of these things in Jesuses name Amen

I love you all and hope I answered all of the questions I got

Grant Lingard

April fools on weighing 175 I only weigh 147 right now haha gotcha. :P Love ya bye. ;)


So is June the estimated departure date?
I heard the Chinese speaking have to stay 4 months.
I was writing to you on email at the same time you were writing me and I think you probably missed my note. It was short as Dad called to say your email was in and so I realized I had missed you. Dear Elder is cool. What will we do when you are in Germany? Can you record voice on your camera? Dad is probably going to buy the thing that transmits your camera memory to Internet when you are near a connection. Any idea how you will charge the zune in Germany? I guess some converter thing would do it.
Justin Butler is anxious to hear from you. If you mention him in your regular letter I will forward it. I gave him your ldsmail address too.
Here is the funniest April fools I heard yesterday:
Matt Gallego:
I'm gonna be an UNCLE!!!! :D
Yesterday at 7:09pm via Facebook for BlackBerry · Comment ·LikeUnlike.4 people like this..Destinee Holt Omg omgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 7:13pm.Matthew Austin Gallego I'm sooooo stoked!!!!!!! Wooo HOOOOOOOO!!!!! Git-R-Done Trevor!! Hahahhahah
Yesterday at 7:18pm.Destinee Holt I'm so stoked toooo!!!! :))))) how exciting :)))
Yesterday at 7:20pm.William Edward Cosper For real... or April fools?
Yesterday at 7:30pm.Kirk Mills not this time APRIL FOOLSSSSSSSSSS
Yesterday at 7:30pm.Elder Nyal R. Sewell APRIL FOOOL!!
Yesterday at 7:33pm.Matthew Austin Gallego Hahahnope she was april fooling about that. I swear she's serious now hahah
Yesterday at 7:33pm.Elder Nyal R. Sewell noooo way!! I sooo dont believe you!

Yesterday at 7:33pm.Matthew Austin Gallego She's serious!!!
Yesterday at 7:34pm.Kirk Mills n your not APRIL FOOOOOLS really though?

Yesterday at 7:34pm.Matthew Austin Gallego Swear on my life ask my mom!!
Yesterday at 7:34pm.Elder Nyal R. Sewell no wayyyyyyy! Really?? LIke for realsss?

Yesterday at 7:35pm.Matthew Austin Gallego She is dead serious bros!!
Yesterday at 7:35pm.William Edward Cosper That's AWESOME! My niece is 6 months old and she is the cutest and sweetest thing EVER!!! It's great being an Uncle... CONGRATS!
Yesterday at 7:35pm.Matthew Austin Gallego Thanks will!!
Yesterday at 7:36pm.Kirk Mills nice dude i so want to be an uncle but ill have my own before that happens
Yesterday at 7:36pm.William Edward Cosper No prob!
Yesterday at 7:36pm.Matthew Austin Gallego Yeah man I'm soooo stoked!!
Yesterday at 7:39pm.William Edward Cosper My oldest niece is 6... but my favorite is McKenzie... she lives 30 minutes away so I get to see her a whole lot more!
Yesterday at 7:41pm.Tanner K Stimpson nice. chandler or what?

Yesterday at 8:43pm.Matthew Austin Gallego APRIL FOOLS!!! Hahahahahaha
Yesterday at 8:44pm.Kirk Mills ha
Yesterday at 8:54pm.Matthew Austin Gallego Got you again fool!!
Yesterday at 8:56pm.Kirk Mills ha
Yesterday at 8:56pm

I almost fell for it.

Just found out that Erin's dad passed away.(Matt's wife). Sad, but when remembering the gospel plan there is comfort.

Grandma says she heard that shampoo also works for white shirt collars (as well as the Fels-Naptha soap).

Sister Helbig says to buy a "feather bed" when you get to Germany. She says it's like a down comforter that everyone sleeps under over there to keep warm. Sounds good to me.

So, if you memorize scripture mastery verses do the references translate over to the same place in the German Scriptures?

What kind of exercising do you get? any? Good April Fools.

Do you get to go to conference in SLC? I guess that would be difficult logistically.

I love the Provo temple picture. Nice.

Have a good day. Enjoy the fortress of the Lord while you're there. The real world awaits out there for people who have the anchor of truth.

Do ever get to see Sisters?

Grandma says she misses you but has enjoyed your room. She leaves tommorrow for Utah. We saw Garrett's play dress rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast yesterday. Garrett is a nutty townsperson. Johnny is the most hilarious enchanted broom in the beast's castle. He wears a sort of grass skirt with a brown shirt and goes around shimmying, pretending to sweep. The play is pretty much like the movie. It was funny when Mrs Potts forgot to bring Chip on stage with her. You could hear little Chip yelling off stage, "mommy, mommy you forgot me again!" Chip's cup (with his face sticking out) is attached to a tea table so Mrs Potts has to wheel him in and out of every scene. William is Bell's father. He gets wheeled around in a little cage at the beast's castle. He is such a good actor it's too bad he doesn't get more scenes. I didn't get to see Jorgen as Chip because he is in the other cast.

Spiritually, Roger is being a stinker about saying his prayers, Garrett passes sacrament(hooray!) Nicholas loves seminary and what he is learning. I caught him kneeling to pray the other day, that makes me happy. Funny to think Michael will be a deacon when you get back. Dad and I are very proud to have a missionary to brag about and to use as a springboard for gospel opportunities.

Love you much, take care. Mom

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