Friday, March 26, 2010

Missionary Fire

Messages from Grant, posted by his mother:Thu, 25 Mar 2010

It would be nice to get some Dear Elders from my friends I dont know how you could motivate them to do so but it would be nice. Make sure that my emails home get sent to as many people as possible and I apologize for spelling and caps errors I dont have a lot of time to write alot D: love you all

Elder GMAN

ps some pictures would be nice I didnt take any with me.

Hey Everyone,

It is helpful if you respond to my emails with dear elder right now because I get the dear elders before I can check my email and I am only limited to 30 mins to write the letter and I like to have as much time as possible to write to Everyone.

Day 9

Today we sent an epistle to the other class because they said if acrisis were to occure and they resort to canibalism they would eat us. So we sent an espitle saying that we cwould preserve our freedoms and if need be take up arms even to the shedding of blood for the eating of flesh is abomidable or something along those lines. And we gave it to them rolled up like a scroll tied with a string. FWe drew a cool cop on the chalk board with a caption bubble saying Du bist toast brot which means you are toast in german. I have learned the art of light saber pictures as well so I have been playing around with different scenes. WE can get a good decapitation picture.

Amidst all of this fun we are learning. Today was a hard day and everyone is drained.

Day 10 Living here is like Heaven compared to bootcamp. I feel like boot camp can almost be related to satans plan in that we were told to do everything they counted us down in everything and told us exactly7 what to do they controlled us and i feel that my expreience there closely resembles satans plan for all of us to return to heaven. Without free angency we lose ourselves we become numbers we are just a mindless robot to be ordered around. The beauty of Gods plan is that we get to have the ability to choose. The ability to be who we want to an dexplore our extream limits and once we reach those limits we see that we can do more and constantly progress.
With satanhe would tell us how far we coud go that is why I love it here. The spirit is so strong and it truely testifies of th e truthfulness of this gospel and the truthfullness of statements like I know god lives and loves all of us. Therre truely is a god and he has given us a prophet to guide us back int o his precence. There is no other way that man and God can opper ate. There has to be a prophet to act in Jesus's name. God does not leave his children alone in the dark without guidence. He gives us direction because he loves us.

I am not saying that going to boot camp was a bad experience or that the Marines are bad. I am saying that boot camp is a good experience. I am truely proud of my oath to protect this country and all of the families and people who live in tin. I will gladlyh stand up to defend my freedoms my family and my country and I have stood up. I als ohave stood up to fight the spiritual war. I am fighting for the freedom of all mankind and it is my duty to rescue seve and defendd all souls I come across from satans greedy evil clutches and invite all to come back into the safty and protection of Gods fold. The fortress of impenetrable defense. The only weakness is the inhabitants. They chose to subject themselves to dangerbecause the leave the fortress ,or Gods protection, or have not found the fortress of the Lord. I and all other Missionaries are the knights sent to gather the lost and wandering souls. The sheaprds helper who seeks the lost souls. They need Gods truth and light.

Day 11 Sunday

Almost as good as going to the temple on thursdays. If possible could I get a German flag in the mail and mabey some swedish fish or some other goodies to munch on. Oh! and send more cheap ties that you dont care if I trade because there is a cool tie trading buisness around here and some cheap ties would be nice for trading.

Day 14

Well Elder Graff and I have been drawing cool pictuers. I will send some home when we are done. I hope you get the pictures I sent home. I am learning alot

Hey Sam I invite you to go see the restoration movie that the church has. I believe its at the visitors cienter. I hope your doing well. I wish I knew what I do now when we could talk face to face .

Well I love you alll. the mtc is great and I cant wait to go to Hambug Germany.

The restoration of the gospel is a beutiful thing and I appreciate it more now than I ever have. I know through the holy Ghost thtat Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus christ and that if we excersise a ilttle faith and prayer all can know of this truth.I know this church is Christs church on the earth. I challenge all who doubt this message to read pray and search for themselves to know and I testify that they will recieve an answer if they are sincer.

I love you all until next time :D

Elder Grant Lingard.

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