Monday, February 14, 2011

Letters to Grant 2-13-11

Happy Valentines Day!

Mom and I have spent the last few days in Colorado visiting uncle David and aunt Ashley. I needed two crowns and we found some cheap tickets to Colorado Springs so I had uncle David do the work. It took about four hours to complete the work. He'll mail the crowns to me and I'll have Dr. Kitchen glue them on.

We had a lot of fun with David and Ashley. We toured the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs and went to see a crazy guys castle called Bishop's Castle. He's been working on it for years. It's out in the middle of nowhere and it's this ramshackle castle that looks like it could be in a Lord of the Rings movie. Ashley had mom model some aprons that she is trying to sell and took some pictures at the castle. Friday Night we went to their ward valentines dinner/dance but left before the dancing so that we could watch Hannah at halftime of a basketball game. Hannah is on the flag team and in the band. We played games and just had a great time.

Your brothers stayed home and appear to have survived. The house was clean when we got home today at 5:30pm. I think that they enjoyed themselves. Hopefully they'll write and tell you about it.

How are things going in Brandenburg? Don't get discouraged. It takes time to develop your pool of investigators. Do what you are supposed to do and things will work out. I'm sure you are visiting the less active members and part member families and strengthening them. Make sure that the members can trust you and your companion. Don't do anything that will give them cause to not trust you. Developing trust takes time. I'm sure that you will have success. My dad spent two and a half years on his mission and never had a baptism while he was there. But many people joined the church later because of his example and work. When he and grandma went back to serve a mission there where many people that remembered him and his example.

We love you and pray for you daily.


Hey Grant,

It was a busy week getting ready to leave for Colorado. Monday I signed up to take dinner to the Skabelunds(son Randy, his wife and the eight kids) but forgot I was playing for Peter and the Wolf for the next two days and had a couple of students coming for lessons . I made rice in the morning, canceled the 5pm student, played the concerts, went to Costco, got meatballs and rolls, came home and made salad, brownies. My 3:30 student cancelled so I was able to get most the wash caught up and get dinner to the Skabelunds. It seems to work out when you are in service to the Lord.

I have a small solo to play in the next symphony chamber concert, got to practice. Wednesday I had board meeting to plan and execute. Got that done and came home to pack my bag. We got up at 4am to get to the airport at 5am. We got $50 tickets which was an awesome price and and is the reason i got to go too. Garrett and Nick have done a great job keeping the house going and the little ones alive and transported to school.

David and Ashley's new baby Levi is a doll, I'm so glad I got to see him. After Cedric who was such a difficult baby, little Levi is a dream baby. Jamison is growing up and was so pleasant. Hannah is turning boy crazy. It was so fun to go to the game. I haven't been to a basketball game since High School. It was fun to see their youthful exuberance and simple joy they had just being together. Spencer was obsessed with Dad's Ipad and Dad was nice to share it and show him how to play Plants vs Zombies. Kyle is seven turning eight and he seems so much more mature than Roger who is turning seven this year. Roger is more like little three year old Cedric in social maturity. We got a lot of work to do to get this lil guy caught up to his age group. We have been working hard on his reading and it is helping.

We attended Ashley's town ward for sacrament and then we went to the airport. We're back home and it will be back to work, work. We're glad to be back home and grateful for our safe journey and safe kids. We're grateful for great kids who can take care of themselves while we are gone and for family to visit who we can share our joys, love, concerns and gospel insights and faith with. We are blessed by your service in the church to share the good news of Christ's gospel. We love you!!! Mom

Dear Grant, I am Mater Chief. Nicholas says he is ruler of the World cept I made brothers do the quiet game and Nicholas lost but said he won but Michael really won.
Love Roger.