Tuesday, December 28, 2010

letter from Carlos


This will be short as I have contracted what everyone has had. I spoke in our ward today and didn't feel good but I chalked it up to nerves as I hadn't written out my talk before hand but left in the Lord's hands as to what I would say. Fortunately, He listened to my prayers and I think I was able to get across the points I felt inspired to share. Afterwards, sitting in Sunday school, I realized that I really didn't feel good. I had mom drive me home. I layed down for a bit and then proceeded to be sick.

It was very nice talking to you on Christmas day. Technology is a wonderful thing when it is used properly. Please let the Pflaums know how much we appreciated them letting you use their home and computer. Thank your companion as well for putting up with us.

As mom told you, I didn't check the mail on Christmas eve and when I checked today after stake meetings it was there. It was like Christmas morning all over again. Everyone is excited by the things you sent. Mom hasn't opened the chocolate (at least I don't think she has) but the way I'm feeling today I wouldn't be able to have any.

The trampoline is a big hit with the younger brothers. Nicholas claims that he doesn't feel well enough to get on it. We will have to dig some dirt from one side to level it out. Sounds like a good job for brothers tomorrow while I'm at work (if I'm feeling better). I got some dutch oven cooking stuff for Christmas and made mountain man breakfast. I made it with Bratwursts instead of sausage and it had a different taste. I like the sausage better. It was a fairly sedate Christmas. We didn't go overboard on presents. Garrett got a suit, Nicholas got an electric razor, Michael got a video game and construction set. Roger got a bunch of action figures and a magnetic construction set. Mom got a purse, clothes and a trampoline. All in all it was a very nice day - especially getting to talk with you. I hope they let you use Skype on Mothers day.

For my talk today I referenced President Monsons talk on the three Rs of choice and Robert D Hales talk on agency. President Whimpey suggested that we (the High Council) not write our talks out but rather to speak from our hearts thus the nerves mentioned earlier.

I checked out Brandenburg and found a city by the name of Brandenburg An Der Havel. I'm assuming this is the city where you will be working. They have a branch there and the branch president is named Jablonsky and it's part of the Berlin Germany stake. I used the church web site to get that information.

We love you and pray for your success and health.

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