Monday, December 13, 2010


I was so happy for the baptism last week! What a wonderful blessing.
Grandma arrived Wednesday with Aunt Marianne. I had the symphony board over to the house for a holiday dinner that same night. It was weird to have all those nonmembers in the house, I hope they could feel the spirit here. Cousin Cassie had her baby on wednesday: a giant boy of 9 pounds. His name is Eli. Cousin Adrienne had her baby Thursday: a girl of 7lbs, named Kimber Lark. Friday we went to hear Garrett sing at SanTan mall with th Red Mountain carolers (they needed a sub). Today we had the family party and dinner. Santa Max came, we did a pinata instead of presents and we did the Nativity play. We only had Andrea's family and the Hales because of the new babies, but it was still plenty of happy chaos. Brooke found out she is allergic to cats as when she was petting Zen her face started swelling up red and puffy. Ninja ran outside to get away from it all till it was almost over and Storm went in the kennel.

I will have Nutcracker Ballet rehearsals/performances all week except Monday. Monday we are going caroling with the ward choir and maybe Grandma if we can figure out how to bring her along and not wear her out.

Love you much. Mom

As mom has told you it's been a busy week. She failed to mention the single adult dinner on Saturday night. This is for the single members of the stake over the age of 31. I've had the same ladies sit at my table for the past 3-4 years. It's a lot of fun. We took grandma Lingard and she had fun meeting new people. I bought two pinatas, a star and a Santa. Mom wouldn't let us use the Santa one because she didn't feel right about beating Santa with a stick until he spilled out his candy. We got the van back on Wednesday just in time to pick up grandma and aunt Marianne. It looks good as new. Except for the scratches on the side... I've got to find time to work on Michael and Rogers Christmas presents. If the weather is good we will be going to Salt Lake next week to listen to the tabernacle choir Christmas devotional. The party tonight was a blast. Santa Max did a great job. The little ones eyes light up and they give him hugs.

What's going on in Osnabruck? Do you miss the warm weather? It was so hot today that we had turn on the air conditioning in the house. Is anybody progressing towards baptism? Do you ever see nutcrackers for sale? Are you getting used to the weather?

We love you and pray for you daily. Keep up the good work.

Love, Dad

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