Sunday, March 7, 2010

Only boys toot

Carlos has spent a busy week getting Stake Conference Broadcasting equipment ready to go. It went great, due to the boatload of time he took off work.
Grant survived his last weekend of Marine drill and will sign out for his two years on Tuesday. He will also be set apart as an Elder on Tuesday and we will celebrate Roger's 6th birthday(Johnna and Chris, you are invited). We have discovered that vacum compression bags work great for stuffing two years worth of stuff into two suitcases (and one carryon). Wednesday morning we will take him to the airport and send him off to MTC. A new adventure begins.
Garrett is crazy busy with rehearsals for the school musical and getting ready to travel to NY to sing at Carnegie Hall with his choir during spring break. Nicholas just got his patriarchal blessing in the mail. Wonderful blessing. Wonderful kid.

I've just about got next season scheduled for the symphony. I am working to make sure we incorporate community service into our programming. Our concerts are free to the public so that's the biggest deal. We will be doing a 9-11 performance with a volunteer fair for non-profits. We will do a joint fundraising Holiday concert to raise funds for us and Neighbor Who Care. We are holding a Student Concerto Competition with the winner performing with the symphony. I am scouting out other ways to make the symphony a valuable resource to the community.
Speaking of scouts, Pinewood Derby is this month. Carlos was so busy with Stake conference prep that I had to be the adult with Michael at the derby workshop. This means we ended up with a car that is not aerodynamically shaped but it is cool looking. It's got waves like the ocean or a dragonback. He wanted it to be black. I think Tsunami would be a cool name. Michael is thinking of Dragon Dueler.

Tonight Roger noted after daddy tooted and said "Mom did it" that only boys toot, not girls. Of course this is true.

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tamiz said...

Oh these nasty boys! Good job on the Symphony things. Good luck to Grant!