Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb almost gone

A couple months and so much happens. Grant has his mission call to Northern Germany, he leaves March 10. Made a quick trip to SLC to receive his endowment and buy mission supplies. His "farewell" was February 14. Had a nice family dinner and visit afterwards. This weekend Grant had Marines Reserves Drill. Convoy operations in the rain.

Our garden is planted for the second time. The bunnies ate the first round. We replaced the fencing and hope that will do the job. The chickens are laying 4 eggs a day. Our boxer, Storm, is jealous of the chickens and tries to steal their scrap bucket. She pushed a hole through the chicken wire to get to their "treats." She didin't care about the chickens she just wanted to steal their food.

Garrett made regional choir and sand in a great performance this weekend. He is also involved in early morning symphony orchestra practices and the spring musical, "Beauty and the Beast" and is going to New York City during spring break with the High School Choir. Carlos told him he wouldn't be so busy if he had just taken Calculus.

Nicholas received his patriarchal blessing this Sunday. Very powerful. He is a great kid, we are proud of him. Drama is still his favorite class. Too bad the High School Drama isn't worth taking. They say don't take the class, just try out for the plays.

Michael and Roger are enjoying elementary at a great school, Zaharis. Saturday they went with Carlos and I to the young single adult activity to pick fruit in an old citrus turned residential neighborhood ,for the food bank. I was one of the few who would climb the trees to get at fruit on the inside and tops. These old trees haven't been trimmed in ages for picking so they are very scraggly inside and hard to pick and climb. I only almost fell twice and the third time I fell I was caught by some innner branches. My legs are a mess of bruises but I do love to climb a tree. I may have to retire from this activity. Almost as dangerous as playing spoons.

I have been working part time as President of Chandler Symphony. It's been crazy but I think I will get the hang of it. I'm thinking it will be good experience. Just got a job posting from Chandler Education Foundation and their new full time president will get $45,000 or more doing stuff I am already doing for the Symphony (for a lot less money). I'm guessing CEF is probably a cream of the crop non-profits job.

Carlos is singing with a small choir again and enjoying that a lot. I went to his first concert; a fireside for multi-stake single adults. He figured I would get "hit on" by single guys. Oh, yeah a 70 and 92 year old who sang to himself. Whoopee for me.

Time is flying.


Mama Walker said...

Thanks for the up date LaDawn. We have a nice short apple tree in the back yard perfect for sitting in to read a book. We can put matts underneath in case of a fall.

Brad and Marissa said...

I don't know if there is something more dangerous than spoons! Glad that you didn't get hurt bad!