Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Grant!

Grant got to call home on Friday! I wasn't home! Fortunately Carlos was. He is sounding grownup and very hoarse from all the yelling they do all day every day. It was a nice birthday present for him to call home (he is now 19). We had a party at home for him with cake, singing and a present. I took pictures to send to him. We also sent a recordable voice card to him last week that we told him Happy Birthday on. He said it was cool. We were worried he might get in trouble for it but he didn't mention any. We only have a week left to write letters, then he is off to the crucible and won't get mail. Crucible is a three day ordeal of sleep and food deprivation, strenuous physical activity (something like 50 miles hiking with their full packs of 70lbs or so) and "field testing" in all areas of their training.He will have leave to be home for 10 days or more at Labor Day.
His weapons training and job specialty training will be done the middle of December then he is scheduled to begin inactive reserves time for a mission. Lots to take care of .

Garrett has elected to take a typical Senior schedule of fluff and the remaining core requirements. This does not include Calculus. The young don't think ahead.

Nick is happy with his classes. Michael is adjusting to a stricter teacher after last year's coolest teacher ever. Roger likes his half day of kindergarten.

Monday I start carpooling and teaching lessons and soon symphony season will start. As a Board Member for Chandler Symphony I am already swamped in preparations. Church is about the same craziness as I am a den leader and committee chair. I've been planning like crazy to get the next six months of Pack meetings squared away so I won't have to stress as much once the Symphony Season starts.

Carlos can't really talk about what he has been working on this past week but it has been stressfull and interesting. And so it goes.

Have a good week.

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Johnna Jayne said...

That's cute you guys had a party for him!