Sunday, August 23, 2009

Was it worth it?

So, Grant's band buddies sent him a Birthday Package. Packages are not good. They attract unwanted attention from drill instructors. Here's what Grant wrote about it:

"Oh! cool story. Matt, Rhino and Frenchi sent me a package. Guess what was inside? A Birthday present. I knew something was wrong when I got a box in the mail. It got worse when I opened the box. A very pink present and letter was sitting inside the box. At that time I was very afraid to open the pink present. I had to open it eventually so I opend the pink present bag and peered inside and what did I see; lots of pink girly items inside the pink girly present. Things like a fairy wand with the pictures of disney princesses, or barbies I can't remember which. Purple slippers, foam flamingo glasses, a princess crown. All of these items had sticky notes attached with descriptions of what they were. The wand was my "weapon of choice," the crown my "helmet," the slippers my "boots." And a few other silly things.

Needless to say the Senior Drill Instructor dumped the present out in a pile and I got to do pushups over it. After awhile (my arms were dying) he grabbed the wand and gave me a pushup boost by pressing the button and waving the wand over me while it made magic noises. I think I did over 100 pushups. The good news is I got to keep everything so you can all see my beautiful presents."

Lucky his birthday was near the end of boot camp and they were more forgiving than it would have been at the beginning.

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tamiz said...

What kind of even will Grant get on them now???