Sunday, July 19, 2009


Garrett has his driver's license, yeah! The computer game limit is a bust. I have to do so much nagging, I get worn out. No swimming lessons this week and it was probably a mistake, the younger boys are bored. They have played more with friends and the chickens who are doing well though no eggs yet.
Grant has sent a couple of positive letters so we hope he is making progress. We only got a couple of letters this week from him so it could be a good sign that he is more busy and happy? he told a humorous story about the drill instructor taking him and a group of 5 recruits out for IT (intensive training?). They did pushups and then the guy says " You have 60 seconds to pick up two pieces of trash." They didn't have time to think, they just did it. After some more pushups then he says "You recruits thinks it's hot out here? Well, we need more trees, you have 60 seconds to bury a pinecone so we can have more trees." In retrospect it seemed weird but at the time they just followed orders. I think it was a glimmer of humanity in the beating down process (I hope). Grant's last letter also mentions something vague about him going to North Korea. That child needs to give more details.

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