Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roger tried out the Mrs. Potato head earing for fun.Nicholas decided he likes wearing the pink tie from Johnna's wedding to church. He keeps waiting for comments but no one has said anything.
This weekend we got three baby chicks. It is hilarious to lay them on their backs when you hold them. They get all limp and relaxed. They are so messy I decided to leave them in the coop in a wire gerbil cage. They'll just have to survive or not. So far after two days they have survived.

Grant has finally received our letters even though I left out a line of his address. Here is the correct address:

SAN DIEGO CA 92140-2136

The only high points in his life are letters and church so keep em coming. He says he is doing fine with the physical training but the mental mind games they play are crazy and wearing and he has a cold so that doesn't help. He's definitely going to build his mental/emotional/spiritual strength doing this.

Garrett hopes to finally get his driver's license this week. I really need another driver.

We are limiting the the boys' computer time to one hour. They have been total couch potates this summer. At least Michael and Roger have been doing swim lessons and they are having fun playing with the chicks.

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