Sunday, March 22, 2009


our new lately:

Have enjoyed our German exchange student. A girl! 17 and very nice. Today she attended all three hours of church with us. A brave girl. Or at least very polite.
Carlos came back from the BYU Singers reunion, happy to see old friends.
Grant buzzed his head, looks like a Marine.
Garrett broke his glasses kneeling down to pray.
Nicholas love the Mountain Man Rondevous (he bought 4 knives)
Michael is ready to go back to school after spring break.
Roger is five and loving his "big boy" status.


Brad and Marissa said...

You should post a picture of Grant's new hair cut. How funny that Garret broke his glasses kneeling to pray. Hopefully the Lord will bless his vision for his faithfulness. We hope you are all doing well.

Brad and Marissa said...

Question for ya. he he. Has the older boys attitude changed at all with the addition of a cute exchange student in the house. Are they more polite ect... ha ha ha. Just wondering.


LaDawn Lingard said...

They were remarkably unchanged. I think it would take longer and a few blow ups to get them on their toes.