Sunday, February 8, 2009

Had a good weekend with a visit from Ashley on her Mom's getaway. We slept in Friday morning, took a good exercise loop of 7 miles with Ashley running and me on the bike and Roger in the burley trailer. Time for him to shoulder his weight with a tandem bike. We lunched at Johnna's house, saw her new dog who looks much bigger than the pictures show and in the evening Johnna and Ashley came to my concert with Chandler Symphony. Ashley then went to a hotel to spend the rest of the weekend with her best girlfriend.

Saturday, the family went to the Chinese Cultural Festival and Market and then I had dinner with Ashley and her friend Sunny and her sister Jenny who lives in AZ. So nice to meet and have a girl's dinner. Carlos took the boys and Ashley, (Grant's date, not my sister) to an arcade to play games while I had dinner and then he picked me up and we all went home and had pizza and watched Madagascar 2. The boys all thought it was better than Madagascar 1 and Roger has been playing it over and over and over.


Katie Fritzsche said...

Hi - I'm Katie, Ashley's mom (Grant's date, not your sister :) haha

Ashley had a really fun time with your family on Saturday and I wanted to say thanks for always inviting her to do such fun things! we'll all have to get together sometime soon for dinner or something :)

Thanks again -

Ashley Smith said...

La Dawn, Ashley (your sister) had a blast too that weekend, although my knees have not been very happy about the 7 mile run. I'm glad we have spring break to look forward too again. Take care and keep on trucking on that bike. Your tough. Ashley