Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello everyone!!

How is everything going. Its nice here. For some odd reason it keeps snowing every once and awhile. I only have about a week and 3 days left here at the MTC and then its off to Germany Its so spiritual here I apologize if this email is shorter than the others I have been very busy and havnt had time to pre write it so it is long and has a nice spiritual thought but we will see what I can do with the Materieals That I have.

Spruch Des Tages.
Er k├Ânnte keiner Fliege etwas zuleide tun

Phrase of the day
He wouldnt hurt a fly

So I dont understand how the eyefi works is there supposed to be some menu that I can acsess or does it do everything automaticaly so I dont have to worry about messing with things. I Havent sent the old camera back yet so i could send the eye fi still. I might have messed up the card by trying to format it on the other camera but I dont really know. Please let me know how it is supposed to work. I am confused haha. Im like an old person with technologie.

I really like the new camera you sent. It is simply amazing I dont even know everything it does but it is a wonderful peice of technologie. I am glad you sent it. I think its to much for poor old me but thank you so much.

I had my bridge fixed again today the fix they did last time didnt work so they had to take the whole thing of and glue it back on but its all good now. Everything is stuck strong and I think it will stay for the whole two years now.

Garrett and Nicholas I need to remember how to play the ultimate challange. Sword shield and beam or something like that. We play rock paper scissors right now to see who takes all the trays back to the dishes line thing so I would like to play the ultimate challange.

ON tuesday we had Elder L. Tom Parry speak to us. He was amazing!! He bore an awsome testimony of the book of moromon and gave me alot of needed scriptures for a "progressive investigator" that I am teaching.

He used Isaih 29:4,11-14 which talks about the book out of the ground and how the learned man will say "I can not read this for it is sealed and in Joseph smith history 1:63-65 the man who gave joseph smith the certificate for translation tore up the certificate and said I cant read a sealed book or something to that effect.

I think the real amazing thing is the spirit that gave me a very strong prompting that He was an Apostle of God and he stands as a witness of Jesus Christ today. I know that he is a realy and true apostle today just the same as the apostles of old.

I know we have apostles on earth today I have seen them and Heard thir testimony and I know God speaks to them.

I was going to copy and past Elder Jeffery R hollands talk on Safty for the soul but these computers dont let me do that I CHALLANGE EVERYONE TO GO AND READ THAT TALK OR LISTEN TO IT. SAFTY FOR THE SOUL. It is amazing and It is about the Book of Mormon. Please do this It is so important to have a strong tesimony of the book of mormon because if its true everything else in the church is,

I'm sorry that this weeks letter is kind of short things are winding down here at the mtc. I hosted the new missionaries on wednesday And I am glad that I am not where they are now. I am so excited to leave.

Thanks for all of your support I love you all so much

Elder Lingard.

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