Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here it is November already! We avoided trick or treating this year because the night before was the Ward Trunk or Treat and so by Saturday Michael had a stomach ache and Roger had a melt down so we stayed home. The older boys, Garrett and Nicholas went to the neighbors and watched a scary movie and so every one was satisfied.

Friday night we spent an hour putting up the cardboard box "Jungle Tunnel of Doom" for the ward party and which was a great success with the primary children. They just kept going around and around over and over. It wasn't too spooky. Glow in the black light spider webs, stars and bugs. Jungle animals and snakes. Lit the tunnel with those battery operated votive candles. It was fun.

I am surviving my busy schedule by dropping out of stuff. I have quit teaching. I dropped out of the Musica Nova concert this month so I won't have rehearsals all week. That leaves me with Concertmaster for Chandler Symphony this month, learning to be the President of CSO and preparing for Conductor Herriman's 80th birthday party and playing in the Christmas concert and Nutcracker Ballet. And Cub Scout O Rama and Den meetings and Pack.

Carlos is considering going back to work for Maricopa County. His 30 something Nephew just had a heart attack. We know Carlos' turn is a matter of when, not if. It's too likely with the family history. So good insurance and disability are looking good right now. Carlos stays busy with work and High Council duties and his Marine fish tank hobby.

Grant's return home date keeps changing. At the latest it should be Dec. 16.
Garrett is being a typical flaky Senior. Nicholas is coasting through life as a 9th grader. That's it for now.