Sunday, October 4, 2009

At least the floor is mopped.

The thing I feel best about this week is that I got the floor mopped. It really needed it.

Finally got the chamber concert over with. I'm not sure I should do any more of those. I'll have to listen to the recording and see how bad it was.

Dropped my students so I would have time to be on Chandler Symphony Board of Directors. Not sure this was a good/right decision or not. Time will tell. I do enjoy the students.

Grant called home this weekend. He has shot all kinds of military weapons. Sounds like he will fly straight to Virginia in 10 days. Bummer. I'm stuck in town next weekend with another concert but Carlos and the boys are going to drive over to see him before he flys out. He wants his Zune, contacts and glasses.

Garrett told me AFTER his orchestra concert (that I missed because I had rehearsal) that he was the concertmaster and had a solo! That child. I did make it to his choir concert in which he had a little solo. His choir is great! I was really impressed.

Nicholas is still hanging out with the Bass section and Drama guys.
Michael and Roger loved the school carnival which I missed because of the chamber concert.

Do I sound too busy? Did I mention I am concertmaster of Chandler Symphony this concert because our concertmaster is not available? I have been very stressed. And the Symphony President is moving and the Board is looking at me to take her place. And I am Cub Committee Chair and a Den Leader and a mother of 5 and, and, and........maybe dropping the students will help. Or not if we end up needing the money....

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