Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can't believe Grant leaves for boot camp tommorrow. We have had a great two week family vacation marathon driving session. We went to Utah, spent Sunday with Mom Lingard and had dinner with the extended family. Monday we drove to Moscow, Idaho and spent five days there. We fished at Spring Valley, saw the Lower Granite Dam, played at the "dune" by the river, went to Elk River for Huckleberry Icecream and shooting, toured the university, learned to make arrowheads courtesy of Dad Hughett. Sunday we drove to Yellowstone and spent Monday seeing the park and all its cool geothermal sites and wildlife. Tuesday we drove to Colorado, visited with Tami at dinner time and drove on to Canon to stay two nights with Dave and Ashley. Only one kid with cavities so it was a stellar checkup with Uncle David. Enjoyed bowling with the kids and having ice cream and fun playing card games. Thursday we drove home to Arizona. Carlos figures it was close to 3,000 miles! It was great to have some memory building time before Grant leaves the nest. I'm sad this era is over but excited for him as well. He's a great kid/son/young man.

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