Sunday, May 17, 2009


One more week to go on Roger's splint.
Grant graduates this week, whoa. Tonight he is a speaker at Seminary Graduation. Any good graduation present ideas? We don't know what to do for him as he will be heading to boot camp and can't take anything with him.
Garrett earned outstanding AP Calculas student and has decided not to take math next year. go figure. I think he already has Senioritis. He has signed up for choir, orchestra, weight training, seminary and english. oooo tough.
Nicholas is signed up for another year of drama and orchestra. Michael got Bear Rank in Cubscouts. I enjoyed having time to myself during Father/Sons campout. they came back too soon. Carlos is thinking about the new fishtank he wants to get for Father's Day.


Johnna Jayne said...

Fish tank for Father's Day huh. . . You must have got a pretty good present for Mother's Day!

Ashley Smith said...

Yes, one of the benefits of having loads of boys is the father/son campout. I love it too!