Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another cast for Roger

Wednesday Roger broke his wrist. Friday he got a cast. Sunday he spilled hot soup on it and had to have it removed. This week he will get another cast. How do children do it?

Played a fun country western gig with "The Riders of the Purple Sage" last night. They do a good show and combine with the symphony on part of the show. It was a fun gig. I get to play the Mother's Day concert with a really good barbershop group on May 9. I am glad to have these fun opportunities.

Grant is quickly running out of time till boot camp. Garrett needs to get his license before Grant leaves us without a driver.

Nicholas' voice is changing and breaking. Michael is happy as ever. I am now his Den Leader in Cub Scouts, oh boy.

Carlos is working steadily which is a blessing for a self employed person.


tamiz said...

Work is always a good thing, as long as you get paid for it! We've not had to do casts here yet! Is Grant excited for boot camp?

Brad and Marissa said...

Poor Rodger! Hopefully his next cast stays dry. Sounds like life is super busy in Arizona. We are very excited to see everyone next month!!