Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Had a great week with Mom and Dad Hughett. This is the perfect time to visit Arizona. Dad kept busy fixing things, seeing the big car auction, moving cactus(without gloves) and checking to see if it is true that EVERYTHING has stickers here (everything does). Mom, Johnna and I saw a cool glass exhibit by Chihuhly at the Desert Botanical Gardens, it was so cool. Mom sat through an entire symphony rehearsal of mine (greater love hath no mother),we made valence curtains for Johnna's house(they look great) ate lots of food together, celebrated Dad's 65th and hiked the arboretum and had a picnic.


Johnna Jayne said...

It sure was a fun week! I cried the whole way home from the airport, and then some more at home. Geesh!! I guess it's pretty good I miss them that much after a week long visit. Thanks for the uhm, cactus? What do you call those plants? Dad and Mom helped us get them all in that same night. They look great! So far. . . Hopefully they'll stay happy.

Lingard Boys said...

Good luck with the cactus, it is hard to kill them. Sorry you had the sad part of dropping them off, it really was a fun week.