Monday, October 6, 2008


We enjoyed conference up at Madera Ranch via internet. The messages of the prophet, 12 apostles and others were inspiring and comforting. Carlos is in Denver this week. He will fly to Utah on Friday evening to meet the rest of us up there for the kid's school October break. We figure this will be the last time Grant and the older cousins will see each other for awhile since they are leaving for missions before too long. Grant and Garrett will help with the driving this trip. I am on some new medication the neurologist gave me for the concussion which seems to be helping but I get drowsy so I'm glad they can help drive. Nicholas reads a novel a day, Michael loves life, Roger is speaking better all the time with the speech therapy and should be ready for Kindergarten next year. All in all doing well.

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Diana said...

I wish we could have seen you guys while you were in Utah! The boys are getting so big and I feel so old... :(