Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dog days of summer

This week we are rat sitting, I mean dog sitting Johnna's hairless Chihuahua named Itsy. Or is it Itzy? She looks just like Stella Luna Bat with legs. Three dogs in one house. You should hear them all barking at the same time. High, medium and low, the full aural spectrum. Skippy is having middle child/dog syndrome but they are all getting along fine.

Our spring garden season is nearly over, but I still have tomato, chard, zucchini. grapes and flowers. The fence helps to keep out the bunnies, javelina and ground squirrel varmints.


JoHanna said...

Hey please send me your e-mail if you want to keep seeing my blog

Johnna Jayne said...

Dear Skippy & Storm,

I miss your dog food already!



Lingards said...

It's good, cheap ole' Pedigree. Our humnans really feed us well.
Storm and Skippy

tamiz said...

Fun fun! I'm jealous of your sunflowers! As soon as I get a house again I'll have to plant some.