Sunday, February 24, 2008

Photo Cop wins

Below is a picture of the new family fish tank. According to my boys and man bigger is better. So now our tank is 90 gallons of saltwater coral and fish heaven. For our 20th anniversary we may go to San Diego for the Marine Aquarium EXPO. How did I get myself into this?

Monday we had Presidents day off. Our garden is planted now, we will see if it grows. Back to school/work/teaching on Tuesday. I visited the Humanitarian center in Mesa on Wednesday. There is so much service to be done and you don't need to go any farther than the church humanitarian services to find it. Garrett and Grant and I had concerts this week. Grant is the lone French Horn player in honor band. Garrett is the principle second of his orchestra. I played the first two of eleven 'Peter and the Wolf' concerts for Mesa Public Schools. Saturday I spent in Traffic school for the third time. Since moving to Arizona I have gone consistently every two years. I have eliminated speeding from my driving but I got photo copped turning left on a very short yellow light. Photo cop thought it was red, I thought it was yellow, photo cop wins of course.


tamiz said...

ohhhh I would be in trouble if we had photo cops here!!

Chris Paxman said...

Hi LaDawn,

When you are creating a post or when you are editing a post there is a little button in at the top that looks like a picture. Click that . Browse for you pic, it will upload the pic and put it in your post.

JoHanna and Michael Weller said...

I am so happy that you are posting!
I cant believe how much your boys have grown.